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Business Contracts And Negotiations

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Contracts And Negotiations


Charles Bean & Associates is a law firm that is committed to helping our clients strike the best possible deal for our client. Find out how we can use our expertise in business law, real estate law, creditor rights and litigation to ensure your contract negotiations go to plan when you choose us as your representative and advocate.

Contracts and Negotiations in Spokane

What Are Contract Negotiations?


Contract negotiations are when two parties or more attempt to agree to terms and finalize a potential settlement, purchase and sale or partnership that is advantageous to all parties involved. The contract is in effect when all material elements have been agreed upon, so you can only contest a deal when you can prove this hasn’t happened.

Should You Hire A Lawyer for Contract Negotiation?


If you want to ensure you’ll get what is most important to you without giving away too much to get it, you should hire a lawyer. They offer:

Experience in Finding Middle Ground

Attorneys are skilled in the art of negotiation. They are also equipped with knowledge of the process and are removed enough from the emotion of big decisions that they won’t buckle under pressure. A good lawyer also has experience in understanding what is truly important to all parties so that balance or middle ground can be achieved that is acceptable to all involved parties.

Peace of Mind

When you hire a business, real estate or commercial attorney, it is their duty to protect you as their client. Here at Charles Bean & Associates, we take our oath seriously and will do everything in our power to secure an excellent deal. As your lawyer, we offer peace of mind, trust and reliability.

Protection from Harmful Deals

By having a professional analyze a contract, you’ll ensure you are protected for the long-term as well as the short-term. With our well-trained eye, our attorneys can spot anything potentially harmful to you and your interest and nullify it straight away.

Our Process


We use a tried and tested method to guide our clients through the complicated process of contract negotiations. Here’s how we ensure that your needs always come first.

We Listen

The smallest details often make the biggest differences. By listening carefully, we will spot the potentially harmful elements of a deal and negate them so that you don’t sign a bad contract. We also value listening to our clients so that they get what they want, and not what a lawyer thinks they need.

We Advocate

Contract negotiations center on putting forward an argument and securing it in an agreement. To advocate for our customers, we complete various tasks such as case analysis and research. We also implement proven negotiation strategies that ensure your interests are promoted above all else.

We Negotiate on Your Behalf

We do this by understanding our client and the other parties involved. For example, we go over the negotiable and non-negotiable elements of the contract with you so that we know where we can maneuver. We do the same regarding the other parties, but we focus on what they want and if that impacts your outcome.

We Resolve

Finally, we draft and provide a contract that contains your goals and objectives for you to sign on the dotted line.

Your Contract and Negotiations Attorney: Brian J. Bean


Contract negotiations are tough, so why not lean on an expert for advice and guidance? Get in contact with Brian J. Bean today for a 45 minute consultation by calling (208) 664-1574, or via our website contact form. With years of experience, Brian J. Bean is an avid business, corporate and real estate attorney who has worked within large and small organizations. Assisting businesses with strategic business and legal decisions, negotiations and more, he prides himself in providing clients with an exceptional service that helps to achieve their business objectives and goals.

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