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Risk Management


Choosing the right personal injury lawyer can make a massive difference when it comes to making a personal injury claim. However, we at Charles Bean & Associates, PLLC do not only help people who have been injured. Since we are very versed in this area of the law, we can also help businesses who may be on the receiving end of a claim. Ideally, we help with risk management services PRIOR to a situation. Through risk management services, we can assess risks and provide legal advice and assistance in creating limited liability business entities which may serve to reduce or eliminate other risks associated with doing business.

Risk Management in Spokane and Couer d' Alene

What is Risk Management?


Risk management is designed to ensure that risks are mitigated when it comes to a specific set of circumstances. In the workplace, risk management can mean dealing with risks relating to technology, people, processes, etc. When it comes to risk management in a personal injury law sense, it is about making sure you have the correct business entity and insurance in place so that you do not find yourself in an unfavorable position if a claim is made for personal injury caused by yourself or an employee or agent.

Personal injury law has been established to make sure that victims can recover money for pain and suffering, as well as lost wages and medical bills. Since these amounts can total quickly, we can assist you by helping you choose the correct business entity and insurance in place to avoid being driven into financial difficulties. If you do not have the right business entity, the right insurance coverage, or you are underinsured, the system is not going to work for you. Risk management is designed to help you consider your risks to avoid discovering a problem when it is too late.

Facts About Risk Management


Risk management can save a person or business thousands and thousands of dollars. A little bit of planning with an expert risk management team can go a very long way. Some of the problems of those who do not utilize risk management are:

  • Not having the protections of a limited liability corporation
  • Not understanding the exclusions in an insurance policy
  • Not being careful when using an independent contractor and
  • Not buying enough insurance

You can make sure that this is not the case for you and your business when you choose our risk management services.

Those who do utilize risk management services reduce their risk because they have taken steps to reduce their liability through using an appropriate business entity such as a limited liability corporation.

How Charles Bean & Associates, PLLC Can Help with Risk Management


Charles Bean & Associates, PLLC, can review your business model and your business entity and can provide you with advice and help in obtaining a limited liability corporation which would help serve to reduce your risk and give you peace of mind. We have the legal expertise to help analyze your business risks and make suggestions concerning how your risks can be reduced choosing the correct business entity.

If you are seeking help with risk management, contact Charles Bean & Associates, PLLC. Our attorneys are immediately available to discuss concerns and to provide you with a case evaluation.

If you have a question, you can reach us at (208) 664-1574. Alternatively, you can send an email via our contact form.

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