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Spokane Valley, Washington

Personal Injury Lawyer in Spokane Valley, Washington


If you have been injured in Spokane Valley, Washington the road to recovery (physical, psychological and financial) can be long and arduous. You not only have to face the healing process itself but contend with medical expenses and loss of income while you convalesce. And this can be extremely stressful and financially punishing. What’s more, insurance companies can seem like they’re actively working against you to make sure you get as little as possible. It can feel as if the whole world is mounting against you.

To counteract this, you need a personal injury attorney who’ll fight your corner aggressively and tirelessly. Someone with a proven track record of success who will strive to achieve the justice you deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer | Spokane Valley, Washington

What Are Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents in Spokane Valley, Washington?


When you suffer an accident in Spokane Valley, Washington as a result of something that isn’t your fault it, you may not even know if you can make a claim based on the specific kind of accident. If, however, it falls within these common types of personal injury circumstances, there’s an excellent chance you could have grounds for a personal injury claim;

When Should You Hire an Attorney for A Personal Injury?


You should reach out to a personal injury attorney before filling out any paperwork with insurers. Remember that it is the insurer’s job to limit their liability and restrict your settlement. Ideally, you should contact an attorney as soon as you have spoken to your doctor as they can work together to ascertain the extent of your injuries which will impact the strength of your claim.

Do You Need an Attorney for A Personal Injury Claim?


There’s no law that says you have to use an attorney for a personal injury claim. However, it is strongly recommended. Putting a case together is a long, complicated and stressful task especially if you don’t know the many complexities of the legal system.

A personal injury attorney can spare you the stress and exhaustion and work with you to build a watertight case. The kind that gets you the maximum compensation that you deserve. They can advise what state and federal laws apply to your injury and help you to build your strategy around them.

What Should You Look for When Choosing an Attorney?


With so many personal injury lawyers out there, it can be hard to determine which one is best for you.

Look for someone with a proven track record of finding justice in personal injury claims in the area. Seek an attorney who is a good listener and responds to the needs of clients and who is well respected by their peers. Make sure that the lawyer your find is someone with a long list of happy clients for whom they’ve achieved satisfactory results.

With over 40 years’ experience, personal injury attorney Charles Bean has the in-depth legal knowledge and passion for justice that well help get you the settlement you deserve. Charles Bean & Associates is proud to have been listed in National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyers for 7 Years Running.

Contact us today to arrange a free 45 minute consultation to see how we can help you!

Personal Injury Lawyer | Spokane Valley, Washington

We Proudly Serve Clients in Spokane Valley, Washington


Spokane is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. Within easy reach of Idaho and gifted with many areas of natural beauty residents who love the great outdoors are never without somewhere beautiful to visit in their downtime. From the Iller Creek Conservation Area to the Dishman Hills Natural Area and, the Centennial Trail and, of course, the stark beauty of the Selkirk Mountains, its natural wonders represent everything we love about the area.

With a diverse, and thriving economy, the Spokane Valley is also a wonderful place to achieve your career goals. It’s an area that is very dear to us at Charles Bean & Associates and one that we are proud to serve.

Do You Need Legal Advice for a Personal Injury?


If you have or a family member has suffered a personal injury, contact Charles Bean & Associates, PLLC. Our attorneys are immediately available to discuss your personal injury claim and to provide you with a case evaluation. We understand what it takes to win and have the qualifications and experience. Call (208) 664-1574 or Toll Free: (800) 829-5291 or submit a contact form to request a free consultation.

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