"My wife and I suffered for a year and the best thing I ever did was come in here and see Charlie. Once that happened, everything came together and I am very happy with the result."

- Philip S., Post Falls, ID


"To those who need assistance in filing for Social Security and need legal advice, please call Mr. Bean. I think he's a very understanding and compassionate man who is willing to listen and advise with future steps dealing with the Social Securitiy Administration. We have been fighting with the Social Security Administration for approximately eight years. Mr. Bean stepped in and helped us with a wonderful outcome. He has been a blessing in disguise. For all of those who are veterans, Mr. Bean was wonderful to work with and his assistant, Stephanie, was kind, caring and knowledgeable."

 - Ken R., Spirit Lake, ID


"I would like to thank Mr. Bean and Stephanie for their help with my recent case with Social Security. With their help and knowledge we won my case after two hearings and a lot of questions from me. Mr. Bean and Stephanie were always there to help and answer any question. I would hope that anyone looking for legal representation talks to them. Good luck to all and THANK YOU Mr. Bean and Stephanie so much. 

- David L., Priest River, ID


"After applying for disability on my own & being denied I contacted Mr Charlie Bean, best move I ever made! He & His legal assistant, Stephanie helped me win my case! They are very knowledgable, professional, & thorough,also they genuinely care & are super nice! I highly recommend if you have been denied a disability claim that you call Mr. Bean!!"


Sonja S.  Hayden Idaho 


"I was in a car accident, in which my leg and ankle were severely broken. I was in the hospital for days and had surgery to repair my ankle. I received two plates, six screws and two pins to hold my ankle together. The accident was caused by a careless driver. Charlie Bean was recommended to me by a family friend. From the first initial meeting I felt Charlie's compassion and concern for me. He cares. He fought for me and took care of everything. I had my settlement within a year. He helped me through a difficult time. He treated me as though I was his first priority. Even in the past few years, when I drop by to say hello or call, he remembers me. He's the friend you never call but is always there when you need him."

- Emily B., Coeur d'Alene, ID


"Wow! What a difference it made to call Mr. Charles Bean. We finally found someone who understood everything we had been going through. We didn't have to beg or plead for him to believe us. He made us feel at ease and talked to us so we understood. He never talked 'lawyer' at us. He made a big difference in my husband's case. We would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer."

- Becky & Brian J., Fernwood, ID


"Mr. Bean,  You are truly amazing and a blessing, I feel so lucky to have you represent me.  I appreciate the extra effort you put forth to make sure that I was compensated justly.  You always made me feel comfortable and at ease when we had our meetings and you always made sure to speak in terms that were easy to understand.  I would recommend your service to anyone and everyone.  Thank you so much.

-Carole S., Coeur d'Alene, ID


"I called the Law Offices of Charles F. Bean when I was at the end of my rope. I'd been suffering from back pain for almost two years due to a work injury. The pain had changed my life on all levels. I had filed for disability and had been denied twice and had received a letter telling me I now needed to request a hearing with an administrative law judge. Up to this point I had found the whole filing for disability process very stressful. Feeling physically and emotionally broken already, but now that I needed to request a hearing, was a mental strain. I called Charles Bean - very professional, kind and clear on what needed to be done. With Charlie at my side through the hearing I received a favorable decision. I will be forever grateful to Charlie and his staff for all their support and I encourage anyone in a similar situation to call Charlie!"

- Pam G., Rathdrum, ID


"We contacted Mr. Combo to represent us in a state industrial case. Francis was hit on the head with a tree and suffered a broken back. Mr. Combo took our case and was very successful in obtaining a lifetime structured settlement for Francis. He handled this very quickly and with very little effort on our part. We would recommend Mr. Combo very highly to anyone needing an efficient lawyer."

- Francis and Crystal M., Fernwood, ID


"In 2001 I was injured in a logging accident. After medical treatment was complete I found I was no longer able to work at the occupation I had worked at all my adult life. During this time I worked with the industrial insurance and as time went on I realized I needed the assistance of an attorney. I asked around and an acquaintance recommended James Combo to me as an attorney that was good at dealing with industrial claims. James listened carefully to all I had to relate to him, then he explained to me my options and possible course of action. He is very knowledgeable on the Idaho laws regarding industrial claims and explained everything in language that I could understand. I found him to be caring, thorough and patient. James worked diligently and won my case with the industrial insurance. I truly appreciate his expertise and dedication as my attorney. I do not believe anyone could have done more for me and because of Mr. Combo's efforts on my behalf, my life is so much more enjoyable than it would have been without him."

- David M., St. Maries, ID


"I hired Charles F. Bean to help me when I was injured in a car accident. At the beginning I was unsure how I was going to manage given all the injuries and costs, but the services Charles Bean provided exceeded my expectations. I was more than happy at the outcome Mr. Bean was able to obtain for me."

- Mark W., Hayden, ID


"I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of my case.  Mr. Bean fought for me and he will fight for you too!  Mr. Bean has genuine compassion."

- Carole S., Coeur d'Alene, ID


"It was very frustrating to be initially declined by Social Security Administration when the medical evidence so clearly proved I was eligible. My medical conditions were so severely impacting my life and ability to work and having six children to provide for and not being able to complete meaningful work was very overwhelming. Thank you for helping me with the reconsideration request. It was less than a month since I had been declined and I was approved with your help including the letter that you prepared for my doctors so that Social Security could get a more accurate picture of the severity of my situation. I would highly recommend your firm to anyone looking to get a better outcome from Social Security Administration. I think what was most frustrating for me especially was the fact that I had paid into the system for many thousands of dollars over the years and Social Security acts like it is their money. I want to thank you for your assistance and give you permission to use my recommendation as an endorsement of the excellent work you did for me."

- Anthony S., Post Falls, ID


"When my social security disability application was denied, I spoke to a friend who said he had unsuccessfully used another attorney and he said you need to get Charlie Bean to help you with your social security disability application. I hired Charlie and he and his staff were very knowledgeable and caring and most importantly with Charlie's help, my social security application was approved by the judge."

- Timothy P., Cataldo, ID


"I want to thank the office of Charlie Bean, attorney, and his wonderful staff for the way in which I was treated while being represented by him during my legal matters. Charlie, Stephanie, and Ann were always very professional, kind and comforting. They have a way of making someone very at ease and confident. All are very knowledgeable in the aspects of the legal matters I was dealing with. Prompt is a word that fits this law office and staff to a tee.  Never was a question unanswered, nor did I ever feel that I needed to stop asking. I would not hesitate recommending Charlie Bean to any of my friends or family should the need for an attorney arise. Thank ALL of you again so much during this trying time for me."

- Paula P., Coeur d'Alene, ID


"...From that day Mr. Bean took charge of our case and we have since benefited by a settlement from our automobile insurance company far in excess of that which we had first imagined. Accordingly, we highly recommend Charles F. Bean to anyone who becomes involved in an auto accident and desires the services of a reliable attorney to assist in making a decision as to the actions to initiate."

- Frances & Almon O., Coeur d'Alene, ID


"I want to thank you for all your support and help in changing my life. I have been injured since 1999 and worked through four surgeries which in turn those injuries cost me my job. I have not worked since October of 2007 and my family and I had major concerns if I could even return to the workforce because of my injuries. Because of my injuries and the medications I'm on there is no chance that I could return to the workforce so I applied for Social Security Disability in December of 2011 and was denied. I felt that it was hopeless after the denial of my disability and reached out to you and your staff. When I came in to see you and explain my situation I felt like there was hope for me and my family again. You and your staff are kind and professional and answered all of my questions even if they seemed silly. When you filed for an appeal to the denial of benefits I was glad to have you and your staff in my corner. My wife and I had met with you a week before the hearing and went through what the hearing would be like so I was prepared and you answered all our questions that we had with compassion. During the hearing you asked me questions about my injuries so the Administrative Law Judge had clear and decisive answers. I believe that the questions you asked me during the hearing swayed the decision to my favor. You had told me there was a 15-20% chance that the decision would be made during the hearing and I was shocked that they allowed my claim right then and there. You and your staff were so helpful to me and my family that we can't thank you enough. I have no doubt in my mind that the professionalism that you and your staff have, that I would and will recommend anyone who is going through doubt and tough times to come see you. I sincerely thank you Charles!"

- Gerald B., Post Falls, ID


"I filed a Disability claim three times and was declined each time. I went to see Charles Bean on a recommendation from a friend. Best thing that could have happened. We met several times. He and his staff are empathetic and professional. I loved that they were always available and never left me wondering what was going on. I finally had my Disability Hearing in August. I was very nervous because of previous denials. He walked me through everything and it went great. It was approved...Thank you for everything!"

- Sheri F., Post Falls, ID


"We just want to say thank you to Charlie for the help in a difficult time for me and my wife. He did a wonderful job at getting us our payment with as little pain for us as possible and we would recommend him to anyone."

- Danny G., Post Falls, ID


"This is not the first time I've used Charlie. He's always done a good job."

- Terry C., Cataldo, ID


"Just wanted to say thank you to Charles and his staff. I have been fighting fibromyalgia/scoliosis for years and filed for disability in 2010. I was so stressed with pain and Charles helped me through my first court appearance in 2013 and second court appearance in 2014. Finally someone who understands how I felt. He actually made me feel better about myself and to be strong! Not a whimpering baby. We finally won...thank you Charles for helping me through this!!!"

- Nannette, B., Athol, ID


"My son is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and ulcerative colitis. He has many problems that prevent him from having a normal life. We tried for years to get him SSI insurance. We were denied several times while his condition became worse. We turned to Charles Bean for help. I told Charles that I did not have a lot of money, but that I would find a way to pay him. He told my son and I not to worry about the money. He told us that he wanted to help my son. Charles did exactly that. He worked on our case for months. After trying for years to get my son SSI, he was finally awarded SSI by a judge. This happened because of Charles Bean taking my son's case. He worked hard on our behalf because he cared about my son's condition. Thank you Charles Bean.

- Anthony and Steven O., Coeur d'Alene, ID


"I was in an auto accident and retained an attorney to represent me. I was not happy with that attorney so I hired Charles Bean to take over my case. Charlie did more for me in four months than the other attorney had done in two years. Charlie has gone the extra mile for me and he is still working on my case. His assistant, Stephanie, has also worked diligently for me. Any questions that I had were answered by Charlie and Stephanie."

- Cherie R., Coeur d'Alene, ID

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